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Science & Technology


William Lodge

    Most of our Science & Technology content has been moved to this Cognitive Neuroscience page at Dolle Communications. Most of the content has been about the brain, and cognitive neurosciences. Our published efforts in this area date back to 1996.

    Science and Technology plays an invaluable role in the human experience, and we must continue to challenge our views and the trade-offs in human versus planetary resources. Over the last 150 years, science & technology have enabled extraordinary advances and in quality of life via health care, transportation, energy, housing, education, communications, and personal well being. Our vision and consultations on these topics can provide invaluable direction to developing companies. 

Book on Machine Tools in the U.S. by W. L. Dolle, Jr.: "William Lodge: A 19th Century Entrepreneur"

    In a retrospective look at technology and innovation in the late 19th Century, a new book, William Lodge: A 19th Century Entrepreneur, by the late W. L. Dolle, Jr. (my father), examines the life and career of William Lodge (my great-great grandfather, who guided major advances in the machine tool industry in the 19th and 20th Centuries, and helped Cincinnati earn the title of "Machine Tool Capitol of the World."

By: Stephen Dolle