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William Lodge


Machine Tool Book

Free Book Download for William Lodge: A 19th Century Entrepreneur, by W. L. Dolle, Jr., on the Founding of the Lodge & Shipley Machine Tool Co. in Cincinnati, Ohio

    In a retrospective look at technology, innovation, and entrepreneurs of the 19th & 20th Century, we offer a FREE DOWNLOAD in PDF file format of the book, William Lodge: A 19th Century Entrepreneur, by the late W. L. Dolle, Jr.. Below, we also have historical photos & links to other web sites on Lodge & Shipley, including, information on their machine tools on board the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum in San Diego, California.

    The author spent several years collecting facts & research on his great grandfather, William Lodge, and in this very nice book tells the story of the life and career of William Lodge, founder of the Lodge & Shipley Machine Tool Co. of Cincinnati, Ohio, who helped shape the critical machine tool building industry in the United Statesey in the 19th and 20th Centuries. It was William Lodge and others pioneering work in the early 20th Century, that led to Cincinnati becoming known as the "Machine Tool Capital of the World." 

    The book follows the career of William Lodge as he founded Lodge & Shipley and two other companies, and introduced the concept of mass production in the manufacture of machine tools. Lodge invented & patented more than 10 different machine tool designs. W. L. Dolle labels Lodge an "entrepreneur," and compares key comparisons in the machine tool industry of the 20th Century, to developments that led to Silicone Valley in California becoming known as a high tech gateway in modern times.

    The late W. L. Dolle, Jr., was CEO of the Lodge & Shipley Co. from 1967 to 1987. After retiring, he authored several books, one of which led to a 1992 appearance on CBS's 60 Minutes. W. L Dolle also later taught an entrepreneur course in Xavier University's MBA Program.

    Lodge & Shipley machine tools are on exhibit in the machinist lab on board the retired aircraft carrier, USS Midway Museum, in San Diego, California. These two photos were shot in 2009. The publication, Practical Machinist hosts a web section on Lodge & Shipley Machine Tools, and a web page with lots of Lodge & Shipley and other machine tools in the machinist's lab on board the USS Midway Museum. And yet another publication, the Midway Sailor, hosts more photos and info on the Lodge & Shipley Co.

    Perhaps the next best historical account is historical narrative on the Lodge & Shipley Machine Tool Co. historical narrative and information on lathes and other machine tools still available for sale and use today.

    Also, Google has indexed what appears to be a 1916 Machine Tool manual in this book and file.

    We understand that the Museum Center in Cincinnati, Ohio, has had an exhibit on William Lodge. But our link is currently not functional, and we can no longer find the museum page on their web site. If you know of a new link or other information on this exhibit, please contact us. 

    We provide this PDF file (free of charge) for site visitors wishing to download this book. Copyright laws forbid any unauthorized printing or reproduction of this book. We would welcome any equity publishing offers to make this book available in print. Thank you.