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Dolle Communications provides drum circles & workplace wellness programs, hydrocephalus monitoring, and mHealth & usability consulting, with an emphasis in the neurosciences. We are based out of Orange County, CA.

Drumming services include drum circles in the workplace, applications in sports basketball and football,  and health & wellness. All drum events are done at your place of business or venue. Stephen Dolle is also available for speaking and demo'ing the various applications of drumming for the brain.

Stephen continues to provide hydrocephalus monitoring consults based on his earlier mHealth DiaCeph Test for hydrocephalus. On these pages, you will find information on his services and FREE forms & instructions to undertake your own monitoring.

We have expanded our efforts in mHealth design with an emphasis on usability, as so much today revolves around technology, but where half the population is not proficient in using it. We were earlier focused on cognitive accessibility. Today, the two are interchangeably linked. One of our major mhealth commitments has been with the eWeather HD app for self-care of migraine, headache, and related barometric pressure triggered syndromes. We give away FREE Google promo codes thru our WordPress blog.

We feature a dedicated web page on our efforts in the Cognitive Neurosciences of web pages and WordPress blogs. SEE our top blogs at the bottom of this page.

It's been a 25-yr journey of 12 brain shunt surgeries and related neurosciences adventures following Stephen's 1992 auto accident and subsequent hydrocephalus, where among his feats has been co-directing his last 9 brain surgeries. Today, Stephen Dolle enjoys speaking on his many efforts and discoveries in the neurosciences. He can be seen below in this June 2017 Laguna Woods, CA, interview. 


Below are a few of our top neuroscience blogs on mHealth, hydrocephalus, drumming, and sensory processing disorder (SPD).  Please contact us via our contact page and/or card below.





Drumming (drum circles for the brain)




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Contact us in California (Pacific Standard Time) contact[at]DolleCommunications[dot]com or at (949) 642-4592.