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Cognitive Neuroscience

    Dolle Communications provides music outreach, drum circles, keynotes, and fundraising to community, at risk teens, and health & wellness projects in Orange County, California. We understand how philanthropy and endowments impact children, families, health, and learning. As much as philanthropy affords measurable personal rewards, it presents its share of challenges to the individual donor, business leader, or celebrity in deciding to whom and how to place an endowment. One needs to undertake careful evaluation of a recipient organization, and its leadership. You must have a vision of your goals and expected results, with some support from governmental, health, or educational organizations. Communication of your vision, as well as managing the endowment's progress, is crucial to the ultimate success of the outreach.

    As founder of Dolle Communications, Stephen Dolle has had considerable experience as a fundraiser, marketer, and project planner. He also has invaluable experience in music and sports, youth coaching, health and medicine, the neurosciences, technology, regulatory affairs, affairs of the family, and mentoring. There is a direct correlation in living through your own adversity, and having the compassion and intuitiveness to understand others' needs. Stephen suffered a life altering brain injury in 1992 that led him into the neurosciences, drum circle facilitation, rhythm and brain research, and communications consulting. At the time of his injury in 1992, he was working to become a sports and entertainment agent/ promoter. 

    Today, we advocate for endowments to aid communities, health disorders, technology, and music outreach programs for children and teens. The West continues to pioneer discoveries in science and technology that are of great benefit to education and the human condition. These discoveries become integrated in consumer technology, education, health treatment, and more. We work with clients to match philanthropic, corporate, and Sports & Entertainment interests with appropriate causes and recipient organizations .

Drum Rhythms, Dance, and Vocals serve as Excellent Community Music Incubators for at Risk Teens

    We have been promoting a Community Music and Education Outreach Program to create drum, dance, and vocal groups for at risk inner city teens. These groups or "incubators" would nurture creativity, confidence, education, and new opportunities that the teens can later use in the workplace. The centerpiece of this proposal is incorporating world percussion instruments. The Remo Drum Company manufacturers and sells a variety of world percussion instruments, and is active in promoting drumming in music programs, education, business communications, and health and wellness (Health Rhythms ). World percussion instruments produce many of the "cool rhythm track sounds" that give the buzz to today's popular rap and hip-hop music. The NAMM and Grammy Foundations currently have outreach efforts underway that would blend well with this proposed drum, dance, and vocals incubator concept. In addition, top artists such as Kanye West, Eminem, and Sean Paul, would likely support the efforts needed to make this outreach initiative a success.

    Stephen Dolle, founder of Dolle Communications, plays djembe, tan-tans, congas, and other world percussion and sees the tremendous fascination with drum rhythms among our youth. The " djembe" drum, pronounced jembe', is known to induce communicative, spiritual, and holistic benefits to its participants, including, helping to ease tensions between rival teen gangs. Philanthropic organizations would need to fund the costs of the instruments, and interested community leaders and organizations would need to oversee the instruments, performances, and competitions.

    We are able to assist Philanthropic organizations with outreach solutions, campaigns, and communications and public affairs services. Some well known foundations include: the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Heinz Endowments, the George Soros Foundation, the Michael J. Fox Foundation, the Christopher Reeve Foundation, and locally in Orange County, the Crean Foundation.

    For more information, Contact Dolle Communications.