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Keynotes by Stephen Dolle


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Keynotes by Stephen Dolle, Brain Injury & Hydrocephalus Survivor, Cognitive Neuroscientist, Brain Health Advocate, mHealth Developer, and Drum Circle Facilitator

    Stephen Dolle is founder and CEO of Dolle Communications and provides keynote speaking and workshops on drumming & the brain, health & wellness, how he overcame adversity after a 1992 brain injury and development of hydrocephalus. His injury led to his involvement with medical shunt devices, the neurosciences, patient advocacy with the Food & Drug Administration and in Washington, D.C., his inventing of the DiaCeph Test for hydrocephalus, and his work today as a drum circle facilitator in drumming for the brain.

   As a drum circle facilitator and neuroscientist, Stephen delves into the various rhythms of the brain and how they interact with language, movement, and cognition. Stephen shares his extraordinary story and drumming discoveries in a keynote he presented at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio, on October 5, 2011. In his drum circle workshops, he employs drum and rhythm instruments to boost team building, non-verbal communication skills, mental focus, readiness, physical coordination, and mobility. In addition, he speaks on the many ways drumming is used today.

    Sometimes referred to as "MacGyver" or "Professor Mac," Stephen has had a distinguished career in health care, entertainment, and now the neurosciences. He achieved the distinction of neuroscientist after his extraordinary efforts following his 1992 brain injury and development of hydrocephalus. In fact, he has helped direct his last 8 brain surgeries. Because of this, he remains involved in the care and treatment of hydrocephalus where he provides shunt monitoring consults, and provides drumming for a wide range of neurological disorders.

    Stephen describes some of the efforts he undertook in the neurosciences with CNS shunt devices, FDA policy and petitions, the invention of his DiaCeph Test monitoring method (that could be a mobile phone app today), his earlier 3x2 foot decision trees of his To Do lists (with software it becomes artificial intelligence), his music therapy and research, his becoming involved in Afro-Cuban percussion and drum circles, and his applying that to drumming for the brain. Stephen has a knack for making complex things simple to understand, and for his brain to work in the background in solving complex problems (also the work of an intuitive).

    But, solving complex problems isn't his only skill. Prior to his brain injury in 1992, he worked as an actor and sports & entertainment promoter. After his injury, he wrote this healing song, "Evening Solstice," that has been shared and used around the U.S. for those suffering from hydrocephalus, cancer, and chronic illness. He'd like to re-record "Evening Solstice" with saxophone and lead guitar.

    In 2008 (15 years after his injury), Stephen was able to get the swelling relieved from his brain, albeit surgery no. 7 with a shunt device he selected from France. He regards changes in his hydrocephalus condition, changes in diet and exercise, and his work with drumming, as the fountain of youth.

   Stephen also writes under the name "Professor Mac," and is also his Twitter name. He is qualified to speak on group drumming, hydrocephalus and neurological care, mobile smart phones and AI, and matters of family and personal survival. It wasn't until 2008 (15 years after his injury) that he was able to get the swelling relieved from his brain, albeit surgery no. 7 with a shunt device he selected from France.

   As a drum circle facilitator and neuroscientist, Stephen delves into the various rhythms of the brain and how they interact with language, movement, and cognition. As a neuroscientist, he employs drum and rhythm instruments to boost team building, non-verbal communication skills, mental focus, readiness, physical coordination, and mobility.

Keynote Topics:

The Invention of the DiaCeph Test: Stephen appears as the Accidental Inventor in the Orange County Business Journal 1999   




Stephen in June 2017 on Laguna Woods TV on his efforts in the neurosciences.  



Adventures in the Cognitive Neurosciences: To survive, Stephen began to think & act like the "Terminator"



Cognitive Accessibility: Living and adapting to Hydrocephalus, Cognitive Disability, and Sensory Processing Disorder (SPDs)








Mathematics & Science to Innovate: Explored AI Apps in Cognition & Shunt Monitoring







In Washington, D.C. as a Patient Advocate at my own FDA STAMP Conference







 Changing the World: Innovative uses of mobile and mHealth apps for Hydrocephalus







Where does Innovation come from? It was the Beatles record label, EMI Records, that in 1969 funded the development of the 1st CT Brain Scanner: "Share the Passion!"



 Being a Super-Hero and Living to Tell about It



KEYNOTE: Drumming for the Brain

   "To succeed in life, you must be engaged in what is happening around you, and develop strategies to help your mind and body stay focused on whatever you are doing, despite the many distractions at work, at school, and at play." Stephen Dolle

    Using various drums and percussion instruments, Stephen demonstrates how the human body is a transceiver and receiver of rhythmic cues involved in every thought, action, and inter-personal communication. He  designs drum applications to help users improve rhythmic skill and attentiveness, business and personal communications, syncopation in sports, balance and coordination, and intellectual capacity. His presentations are a combination of lecture, instruction, and entertainment - depending on the audience. He appears at business expos, companies, sports team events, drum and music concerts, fundraising benefits, educational summits, and health and wellness expos.

Below, Stephen is interviewed on Laguna Woods TV Channel 6 on Drumming for the Brain



Some past Drumming & Speaking Clients:


Fortune 500 Companies

Company Parties & Picnics

Event Planner - Events

Churches & Temples

Valley High School, Santa Ana

Senior Centers

National Parkinson's Foundation

Drug & Alcohol Treatment Programs

High Hopes Head Injury Center of Orange County

Spinal Cord Injury Association of Orange County/OC Goodwill Center

UCI Susan Samueli Integrative Medicine Center, Women's Wellness Day 2010

Friendship Shelter, Laguna Beach

Girls Inc. of Orange County, 2010 Summer Drumming Program

Surf 24 Event, Huntington Beach, CA (Phat Rhythm Band)

Earth Hour, Laguna Beach

Green Go Enterprises Eco-Festival, Newport Beach

Drumming with Horses, Private Ranch

Drumming for Snow, Stefan Kaelin Ski Store (It did snow!)

Private Parties


Speaker Introduction:

Stephen Dolle is CEO of Dolle Communications, a communications and neurosciences consulting company based in Newport Beach, California.

He is an experiential neuroscientist, drum circle facilitator, and communications consultant where he provides the latest rhythm and brain techniques in facilitation of drum circles, speaks on the brain and drumming for the brain, and consults on the disorder hydrocephalus.

Stephen’s involvement in the neurosciences, and drumming and the brain, is not an everyday story. He graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 1976 with a degree in nuclear medicine, and worked in the field as a technologist for many years. In 1982, he founded his own imaging company, Certified Nuclear imaging (CNI), and operated this until 1992.  

In 1981, he developed the skill as a medical intuitive, and during the 1980s applied it in his nuclear medicine work with Certified Nuclear Imaging, and also in a wide range of pursuits, including, film, local theatre, and fundraising.

In 1992, Stephen suffered a life-changing brain injury that required a “hydrocephalus” shunt be placed in his brain. Having been familiar with this disorder and these devices from his work in nuclear medicine, he began delving into the neurosciences, petitioned the Food & drug Administration, designed a new shunt test (DiaCeph Test), and has used its methods to direct many of his brain shunt surgeries since.


In 2004, he became interested in drum circles with the purchase of an African djembe drum, and began taking workshops, and eventually drum circle facilitation with Arthur Hull. Seeing how drumming was aiding his recovery, he began to apply his music therapy and neuroscience research to drumming, and intuitively discovered applications which he shared in his drum circle facilitation work – with extraordinary results.

As a youth, Stephen had performed on stage at the Dayton Opera House. Today, he performs as a percussionist in drums circles, with bands, and with Orange County Drum Circle.

As a father, he coached on more than twenty little league baseball and AYSO soccer teams.

Known as “MacGyver” for his problem solving prowess, “The Professor” for his drum rhythms, and “Coach” for his years in youth baseball and soccer, he is a drum circle facilitator and percussionist and performs at a wide variety of venues in the Greater Los Angeles area. Let us give a warm welcome to Stephen Dolle.




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