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About Dolle Communications, Drum circle facilitation services, hydrocephalus care, neuroscience consulting, and keynotes by Stephen Dolle.    

   Dolle Communications is a small cognitive neurosciences company located in Orange County, California, doing consulting and outreach in drum circles and drumming therapy, hydrocephalus care, mHealth diagnostic designs, and in cognitive accessibility.

We are located in Orange County, California. We offer drum circle facilitation and workshops based on the Arthur Hull methods, and many of our own. Our drum circle facilitation spans team-building, health & wellness, mindfulness, personal development, at-risk populations, and behavioral modification. Drum circle facilitation and workshops are provided by Stephen Dolle, company founder and CEO.

    Stephen also delivers keynotes on group drumming and the rhythms of your brain, based on his 22 years of work in the neurosciences and his experiences in living with hydrocephalus. He has conducted brain related research and pioneered some of his own methods in rhythm and movement and rhythm with the brain. Stephen now has his own personal business & speaking site at We have provided quite a bit of youth outreach in drumming, and propose some new ideas here.

    Our web site here hosts host content on drumming, hydrocephalus, and Stephen's earlier DiaCeph Test mHealth app for the disorder hydrocephalus. Stephen also provides hydrocephalus consults & shunt monitoring. The DiaCeph Test was designed in 1997, around the same time (and very similar to) the IMPACT Test for monitoring sports related concussion. Stephen has been exploring DiaCeph being made as a mobile phone app. s shunt monitoring consults based on these methods and on his extensive knowledge of hydrocephalus and CNS shunt technology. The web address currently points to our site here. If we were to have DiaCeph built as a mobile app, the DiaCeph web site would stand on its own.

     We have been organizing all of our neurosciences efforts a new section on the cognitive neurosciences, plus are in development of a separate site at to offer advocacy and design consulting to improve the challenges for people living with cognitive related disorders. Earlier this year, we published to help with awareness, art, and fun stuff for hydrocephalus, and this could possibly be later used to help raise money for hydrocephalus. We feature cool artwork here, and write "super hero" fictional stories for hydrocephalus. Our fundraising goal is $100M. We continue to maintain, which currently points to our main site here, but someday could be dedicated to my efforts with assistive technology for cognitive dysfunction.

    We've been developing a separate drumming site, Orange County Drum Circle, for drumming performances, fundraisers, and workshops. Stephen has organized & performed in numerous special drumming events.

    Please contact us for additional information.