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Hydrocephalus and NPH Shunt Monitoring by Stephen Dolle mHealth Developer and Neuroscientist

Updated: Feb. 28, 2018

In June 2017, Stephen Dolle was interviewed on Ch. 6 TV in Laguna Woods, California, and discussed some of his key neurosciences efforts and how he became a patient advocate, mHealth developer, and drum circle facilitator.

Stephen Dolle June 2017 TV Interview on his Efforts in the Neurosciences Laguna Woods, CA



Free Downloadable Hydrocephalus Monitoring Forms:

DiaCeph NPH Monitoring Form

DiaCeph NPH Monitoring Instructions

2-Day Hydrocephalus Monitoring Form  


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DiaCeph Monitoring for NPH and Hydrocephalus

I provide DiaCeph monitoring and hydrocephalus consults for individuals with hydrocephalus. My monitoring is based on my earlier patented DiaCeph monitoring system, which I designed in 1997. I have more than 35 years experience working with hydrocephalus as both a test technologist, and researcher. In my earlier work as a nuclear medicine technologist (1976-1992), and 10 of those years with my own company, Certified Nuclear Imaging, I worked up approximately 15, 000 patients spanning a variety of illnesses, including cancer, heart disease, and hydrocephalus. I regularly authored procedures for hydrocephalus, and provided services in more than 50 facilities. I earlier developed skills as a "medical intuitive" during my nuclear medicine imaging work from 1981 to 1992, and often used "intuitive reads" to compliment my imaging testing. Interestingly, my intuitive reads matched the clinical test results about 80% of the time. Today, I use this skill in my group drumming, and it can be helpful in making recommendations. As a scientist, I can say that intuitive skill does have its place in medicine and wellness. But it's a matter of individual preference for each patient as to how it might be utilized.

Hydrocephalus Consulting & Shunt Monitoring:

Just as shunt manufacturer reps are present in most of your shunt surgeries, you should have pre & post shunt revision/implantation monitoring to assure that you receive the best possible outcome from your hydrocephalus care and treatment.

Hydrocephalus monitoring & consults are based on my DiaCeph Shunt Monitoring System, and my nearly 40 years of working with hydrocephalus.

My qualifications include:

1. Nuclear medicine technologist, hydrocephalus testing, imaging consultant 1976 -1992.

2. Researcher/advocate of CNS shunt technology, inventor of DiaCeph shunt monitoring system 1994 - present.

3. FDA patient advocate, FDA petitions, regulatory guidance, 1999 STAMP Conference 1994 - present.

4. Experienced as a patient living with hydrocephalus, 12 shunt revisions, more than 50 brain scans 1992 - present.

5. Hydrocephalus & CNS shunt technology consultant answering inquiries, and providing patient consults from 1996 - present.

6. Neuroscience researcher in CNS shunt technology, sensory processing disorders, assistive cognitive technologies, drumming for the brain, cognitive accessibility, and human factors designs 1998 - present.

Since 1976, I've done rather extensive technical writing in medical imaging in support of products, medical applications, medical procedures, and a significant amount now in hydrocephalus and related to the DiaCeph Test.  As a result, I've developed key skills in human factors engineering and product labeling - an area of great need today. In my neurological and neuroscience efforts since my 1992 onset of hydrocephalus, I've conducted considerable shunt and neuroscience research in cognition and assistive technology, authored related papers, a 1996 FDA petition, guidance papers to FDA, and led and advised in civil proceedings on products liability and insurance bad faith.

In the past, shunt monitoring would involve a 3rd party to provide user instruction to a patient or family. Someone would need to instruct/train the physician on how to interpret the results. The insurance company would need to pay the physician to process and interpret the results. The insurance company would also need to pay for the device rental and testing, often an area where 3rd party contractors, consultants, and trainers are involved.

In my individualized shunt monitoring and consultations, I set up the monitoring to address your specific hydrocephalus and shunt issues. Then, I instruct you/your family how to do the monitoring, typically 10 to 14 days. When the monitoring is complete, you return the materials to me, and I plug the data into my computer and generate graphs of your data, then prepare a report of my findings and recommendations for corrective care, revision, and/or shunt pressure setting. Unfortunately, none of this is now covered by insurance.

Many of you reading this web page have undergone revision after revision with poor case management, limited and confusing use of diagnostic procedures, and are experiencing a disabling-level outcome from your care. I am familiar with hundreds of CNS shunts that are in use, and I take the time to understand the differences in each and in how they might match each and every patient.

I do both hourly consultations, and hydrocephalus monitoring. The monitoring from beginning to end usually takes 5 - 7 hours, billed at $125.00/hour, making the total cost $625.00 and $875.00. I can also speak to your doctors. But, I do not have staff privileges at any hospitals.

If you are interested in this monitoring, complete the Authorization to Release Health Records (PDF file) and Professional Services Agreement (PDF file), and mail them along with a check for $625.00 (5-hours of my time) to 3908 1/2 River Ave., Newport Beach, CA 92663. You may also pay for consultations thru Clink on the link below and fill in your information. You have the option of paying with your PayPal account, or a major credit card. Best way to reach me is hydro[at]diaceph[dot]com. If you need to speak with me, send me an email with your phone number and I will call you. As of today, February 28, 2018, I no longer have a separate home office phone.

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Please review two earlier hydrocephalus consult reports from past patients:

1) The first report was for an NPH patient where a full in-person consult & DiaCeph monitoring were undertaken. My report includes graphs, instructions, analysis, and recommendations for he and his physicians, 19 pages in total.

2) The second report was for an NPH patient where I reviewed the his CT brain scans and medical history, and evaluated key complaints by email & telephone (no monitoring). This report involved preparing a special Comparison CT Scan document, and a write up of my findings and recommendations in two letters: one for the patient's records, and a letter to the neurosurgeon asking for re-evaluation of the complaints and consideration for shunt revision.

I have been given permission to publish these online so that others involved in hydrocephalus care might learn from my methods. I have developed very specialized methods for evaluating CT & MRI brain scans over a period of time, to reveal the maximum amount of information on changes in ventricular size, aging, and brain atrophy from the scans.

View Report No. 1: NPH Consult/DiaCeph Monitoring Report (on our web page)

View/Download Report No. 1: NPH Consult/DiaCeph Monitoring Report (as PDF file)


View/Download Report No. 2: NPH Consult w/ Review of CT Scans (as PDF file)


Or, if you prefer, view/download the above reports at



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